Learn about the temperament and personality of the Havanese. Discover what he's like to live with, his traits and characteristics and how he generally behaves. And look at lots of Havanese photos.

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Havanese Temperament

The Havanese has earned his place on the list of favorite family pets for a wealth of reasons. They are incredibly friendly and thrive on human companionship and affection. They love to be part of the family and love children. Famous for their animated face and endearing head tip, they make great listeners. They are intelligent, easy to train, and eager to please. They love to perform tricks. They are incredibly playful, and if you don't have a game ready, they will invent one, which often includes tearing around the house in circles as fast as they can. They love to roughhouse. They also love paper. They will help you use up your toilet paper at a rapid clip. Speaking of toilet paper, they will follow you into the bathroom, and anywhere else you go. They are energetic little guys but don't need a great deal of exercise and will get most of it just tearing around the house. They are usually not problem barkers, but will alert you when someone is at the door. They are rarely shy or nervous around new people and seem to get along with everyone, including other pets. While they will be hopelessly in love with you, they are also willing to share you with other pets and people. They also like to pretend that they are cats and sleep on the back of the sofa. They've also been known to nap on the top of the kitchen table. The sweet, easygoing Havanese is clever, active, cuddly, gentle and fun and makes an ideal family pet.

Havanese Training

The Havanese is moderately easy to train. He learns new commands at the average rate. He is neither difficult nor easy to train.

Havanese Shedding

The Havanese sheds practically no hair at all. You'll virtually never find a hair in your home!

Havanese Grooming

Pet coat (less work): Cut his coat short every few months and then it only needs to be brushed every so often.
Show coat (more work): Professionally groom his coat to the breed standard. Brush it daily.

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Havanese Photos

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