Dog Breeds that are
Good With Kids

This is a list of dog breeds that are good with children.

You might find it surprising to hear that in general all dog breeds are good with children. Virtually all Rottweilers are gentle with children and never bite. Very rarely is a child seriously injured by a dog. But, for those parents who want to be extra safe we have removed the breeds that are most frequently involved in attacks from this list. (We, of course, are not saying that your child will never be attacked if you own one of these breeds, just that the chances of it happening are much lower because we've filtered out the breeds that have historically been involved in dog attacks.)

Keep in mind that any dog that is teased or treated harshly can bite. You should teach your children to be respectful of the dog and to treat him gently. You should always supervise young children when they're with your dog. (You should never leave a baby alone with a dog.)